La Mamita

Fotografia translation – by Juanes featuring Nelly Furtado. If you read this and appreciate it – let me know. I get a lot of hits from people searching for this, yet, no one says “thank you” or “gracias”. Por favor…. The English is in red.

Cada vez que yo me voy llevo a un lado de mi piel
Every time that I leave I take next to my skin
Tus fotografia para verlas cada vez
Your photos to look at every time

Que tu ausencia me devora entero el corazon
Your absence devours my heart entirely
Y yo no tengo remedio mas que amarte
And I have no remedy but to love you

Y en la distancia te puedo ver
And in the distance I can see you
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when I sit to look at your photos
Y en las estrellas tus ojos ver
And in the stars I see your eyes
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when your photos I feel the need to see
Cada vez que te busco te vas
each time I lookfor you you leave
Y cada vez que te llamo no estas
and each time that I call you are not there
Es por eso que debo decir que tu solo en mis fotos estas
That is why I must say that you are only in my photos

Cuando hay un abismo desnudo
When there is a naked abyss
Que se opone entre los dos
That stands between us

Yo me valgo del recuerdo Taciturno de tu voz
I try to remember the sound of your voice
Y de nuevo siento enfermo este corazon
And again I feel heartsick
Que no le queda remedio mas que amarte
And I have no remedy but to love you

Y en la distancia te puedo ver
And in the distance I can see you
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when your photos I feel the need to see
Y en las estrellas tus ojos ver
And in the stars I see your eyes
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when your photos I feel the need to see
Cada vez que te busco te vas
each time I lookfor you you leave
Y cada vez que te llamo no estas
and each time that I call you are not there
Es por eso que debo decir que tu solo en mis fotos estas
That is why I must say that you are only in my photos


Svetlana says:

thank you 🙂

hide says:

Thanks for taking the time to translate this tekst! :):) It’s not easy finding translations on the web!

Kim says:

Muchos Gracias!!

Beso, Kim

Menno says:

Mucho gracias! Very helpful!

Nicholas says:

Ay millones de gracias!!

Lol thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for this

Wing Yee says:

Muchos gracias!

Thank you so much! I love this song and it really means even more when I know what they are singing about!!! 🙂

Bright says:

Yay! I googled “translate fotografia” and your site was the first link to come up. I’m super happy. 🙂 Thanks!!

lamamita says:

I’m so happy that the translations helps people. Its a beautiful song!!

annegel says:

thanks! hehe. I am from Msia. was searching for the translation and google linked me here!

Ceeb says:

omg thank you so much.. an ACCURATE translation!!!

lore says:

Thank you. It’s a good translation.

mysteriousminx says:

thanks so much! 🙂

Jen says:

Muchas gracias!

Patricia says:

Thank you for sharing this… it’s one of my favorites. Hopefully more people will come to appreciate both his work, through the Spanish language, and the language itself, through his work.

Amy says:

Thank you.

Elizabeth says:

Muchas Gracias! I got the gist of the song before, but this is the first really acurate english translation that actually makes sense that I’ve found. 😀

Kim says:

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much!! I understand a little bit of Spanish, but many words & meanings were unclear to me. Your translation helped me so much!! Thanks!!!

Cristovao says:

muito obrigado… my wife thanks you even more, she ‘ll sleep a lot better now that she knows the exact words.

yoko says:

thanks for the translation! ^_^…i really like the song so thanks! ^_^…well..take care and have fun. thanks again! ^_^

yvonne says:

this is by far the most acurate translation. thank you for your time and effort.

capri says:

Gracias! =)))

sarah says:

omg ty for tha translations u saved me from having to do some serious last minute spanish homework translating

dee says:

Thanks so much for the translation – it deepened my understanding of the song

Joe says:

Thanks! I’ve always loved listening to the song, even though I could only partially understand it. The translation helps a lot!!

tonyblair says:

muchos gracias

Angel says:

Muchas gracias chica. This is my favorite song, and I have been trying to figure out some of these words forever!

Margie says:

this makes it so much easier.
wow… i think i actually love you.

Bravo says:

Thank you very much!!!!

Farina says:

Lovely!!! I love Juanes & this is my favourite song.
Been lookin everywhere for the translation.
Hope you can translate more of his songs…

Jessica says:

Muchas gracias!!

James Nunes says:

Excellente! Extactly what I was looking for…. I wanted to use this in a video… with english subtitles… THANKS Mucho….

Janice says:

Thank you! Muchas Gracias, amigo(a!!

Marisa says:

thanks for the wonderful translation. i’ve always loved this song and i can actually sing along to it in spanish but i never knew what the words meant…until now. thanks again!

Nikhil says:

i m very greatful to you………….i have no words for thanks…………….it helps very much because i am a student of spanish first year…………from india…………..

God bless you………….

comment……………..But i think one thing in this translation………You can do better ………….some emotion will leave here……..When you will translate next time you should cocentrate on emotion…………When you translate emotional song…………It’s my personla view…………Gracias

Susan Buelow says:

Thanks for the translation, There is also a translation on under Free Demos …
You translation below makes more sense ::
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when your photos I feel the need to see

Their translation:
when your photos I sit down to see ??? I guess because the reflexive “sentarse” . How would you know which is the intended meaning? Sentir or Sentar?

angel says:

thanks dahlin’

LaMamita says:

Susan: You know the difference because ‘sentar’ and ‘sentarse’ are two different verbs. ‘sentar’ is to sit and ‘sentarse’ is to feel. The reflexive verb changes the meaning. That is how one knows the difference.

Barbara says:

Muchismas gracias LaMamita para conveying the meaning….not just las palabras. Tiene un regalo.

Barbara says:

Thank you for your translation!

Steven says:

I had a Paraguayan friend who gave me this song, but I never knew the artist or the meaning. Thank you so much for clearing up this mystery!

christina says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the translation! now, I can experience the meaning of Jaunes’ words.

lisa says:

thanks so much for taking the time to translate and post this, i understand the song so much better now =)

Shalini says:

Hi…thanks for the translation..I am learning Spanish right now so it really helps..
If you have any suggestions of good songs,please let me know.Since I am from India,it is difficult to come across good spanish songs.Some of the ones that I have really liked are El Mariachi by Antonio Banderas,Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao,La Camisa Negra by Juanes..

sam says:

muchas gracias chica :]

mira says:

my friend had recommended this site and definitely thumbs up! finally had a trans.. thanks much.. im so inlove with this song.. “can relate”

nat says:

muy bien

M.A. says:

Hola, Thanks for your translation which is very good. Just a note regarding “sentarse”. I think that in both instances in the song it should be translated “when I sit down”. I noticed that in the beginning you translate as “sit” and in a later verse as “feel.” Both “I feel” and “I sit” would be “me siento” …so it’s not really incorrect, just that I figured it’s a repeat of the first verse.
Sign me, “Pedantic one”

sentarse = to sit, be seated, to sit down
sentirse = to feel

Doroteja says:

Thank you so very much. It’s a beautiful song, and your translation is perfect. GRACIAS!!

sarah says:

thanks for the post………very appreciated

DEEL says:

muchisimas gracias, this song is amazing i love it. thank you so much ❤

Brittany says:

I adore this song and I am so so so so so so so glad you translated this, thank you SO much!!

Megan says:

Thank you so much!! I tried translating this song on my own but I wasn’t doing so well so I googled “english translation of Fotografia” and your website was the first link! Thank you soo soo sooo soooooo much! You’re amazing!

Sergio says:

Susan Buelow says:

Thanks for the translation, There is also a translation on under Free Demos …
You translation below makes more sense ::
Cuando tus fotos me siento a ver
when your photos I feel the need to see

Their translation:
when your photos I sit down to see ??? I guess because the reflexive “sentarse” . How would you know which is the intended meaning? Sentir or Sentar?

Actually the other translation is more proper….actually i’m form colombia, and i know what juanes is trying to say, and this translation is good, but some mistakes like this one, the other is right

mariana says:

thanks. gracias. im learning this song in school and this translation was a big help

Thank you so much for translating this song.
Have a happy life!


Chevonne says:

Thank you for the translation 😀

smp says:

My thanks as well! Cuidate.

Arisela says:

Thanks a lot! I love this song but could only sing about 75% of it. Now… 100%!

Samantha says:

hey, thanks alot! seriously. this is awesome!

Jamie K. says:

OMG! Thanks sooooooo much! I needed this translation to pass my spanish class. This is really good, and very useful. Thanks so much again!!!!

xoamo says:


oll says:

Gracias, thank you, merci beaucoup, dzięki ogromne 😉

Mercedes says:

Gracias por la musica.

Eileen says:

Thank you! I was searching for a good translation, and I finally found one here 🙂 Appreciate it!

katie says:

thanks so much!!!
muchas gracias!

Ryc says:

muchas gracias!!! millones de besos!

Annabel says:

I’d like to share this with my friends. Thank you so much!!

chad says:

Mucho Gracias!!

Gerol says:

I love this song! so really!! thank you so much for doing this.. i always love this song.. and tried to ask a big favor to my spanish friend but of course… he could’nt or want to write it on a per for me.. he rather just tell me then me who’s like in hurry to write it.. so i really thank u!! mucho gracias amigo!!

Sarah says:

Muchas gracias!

Alec says:

Appreciate it!

Marta says:

Muchas gracias, necesitaba la traducción 😉

Grace says:

Thx for the the song so much 😀

Bree says:

I LOVE THIS! Thank you, exactly what I was looking for I needed it!! You are fabulous.

Grace says:

I want to ask something..
Someone told me that this song is about pedophilia.
Is that true?
Hope someone can make it clear..
Thank you

Bella says:

Grazie!!! You did a wonderful job! :)))
But what is this song’s meaning? Is it a secret love that he has for her and her for him?
Thank you again

Allegra says:

Thanks for the translation! Although it was hard to read the font in red! Maybe I am the only one thinking that…, okay, I’m old! lol!

Nigel the black guy says:

dude thanks for translating this song. I am a first year spanish student and we had to pick a song for our project. This is a nice song and it is even better now that i can understand it lol. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to translating this song for me and the rest the people that have internet access!! 🙂

Brian says:

thanks for translating the lyrics. -b translation (translate)

Brett says:

I think llevo in this case means “hold” rather than “take,” so that it is:

Every time that I leave I hold next to my skin
Your photos to look at every time

Sarah says:

thx so much!! i had to do this for a spanish assighnment!

Eli says:

Thanks so much. It’s such a great way to learn Spanish. Would love to see more if you translate other songs.

margaret says:

Muy bien traducido. Gracias! Lo voy a usar para mis estudiantes de espanol! Son de nivel basico, que ya no pueden traducir nada. Pero pueden llenar los huecos! Gracias Mamacita. Me has salvado el tiempo de traducirla.

margaret says:

Oops…Mamita is your name at the top of the page…not Mamacia. Pero, gracias de nuevo!

anthony says:

thank you!

oddball91 says:

thanks! =)

Nicole says:

Thanks for doing this! I always want to get it translated before my Spanish teacher gives us the translation so I can get it memorized fast, so muchas gracias!

Ali says:

Thank you 🙂

marc says:

Thanks!! i know effort was still required

Alexis says:

Gracias x 100000. For this beautiful translation!
I am learning Spanish, but am not yet good enough to translate it on my own, and this really helped. I can’t thank you enough!
kisses from Canada

muchos gracias por todo

An says:


kilina says:

muchas, muchas gracias 🙂

Brandon says:

Thanks for the translation. I am a beginner spanish student and came across this song on LoMASTV. It seems that listening to Spanish music is a good way to keep oneself immersed in the language. Is there any other songs or artists you recommend of a similiar type of music. Songs in which the lyrics are slow enough that someone with not an extensive Spanish could follow with the help of translations such as yours above (basically not extremely rapid lyrics, say in rap songs). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again.

RYE says:

I am relearnign spanish after being out of school a while..this is a fun romantic song and i love the beat. thank you

Rebekkah says:

Muchas gracias! It’s so hard to find song translations online.

MOe says:

My Spanish friend referred me to the song and I didnt know the meaning. Thank you!!!

JEY says:

I am only just learning Spanish (at the age of 48) and I liked this song, without even knowing what it meant. I like it even better now! Lovely!

Brad says:

Thanks so much…..this song is very close to my heart

Melinda says:

Thanks this helped me a lot! I have to write a paper on this song.

Estuse says:

Gracias por la traducion. Thank you escpecialy for making it clear the english was in red:)
Could you please explain the part that says “yo me valgo del recuerdo Taciturno de tu voz”. Like maybe break down the words, that I might understand the structure and what not, it would be so much appreciated. Hope I was clear.

Clinton says:

Thank you very much. Going old school and making a mixed tape for that someone – and this song captures it all perfectly. Let you know how it goes……;-)

Bryan says:

dude UR DA BEST!!!!!

Maria says:

Thank you kindly for taking time to translate the lyrics. The lyrics are as touching as the tune.

erica says:

thaaanks, muchas gracias 🙂

Emma Lynn A. Soriano says:

Maraming salamat 🙂

Janno says:

Maraming Salamat means thank you very much in Filipino Language. Maraming Salamat! 🙂

alicia says:

Hi i am african american and i love this song but i only knew what some parts was saying. thank you for translating this song.

Cleo says:

Thank for you for translating this song! I was referred here by a very special friend and it means a great deal to me to understand the lyrics as well as the meaning and depth of this song.

Karen says:

Thank you so much! I love this song and am so glad you have the translation here! Great job!

Lamar says:

milliones de gracias!

Lafleurdelamer says:

Gracias, es muy chevre!

S says:


jenny gardner says:

thank you very much, muchas gracias. my 9yr daughter loves this song and ALL the words! xxxxx Juana Y Sofia xxxxx Besos, Escocia

Bob says:

Thanks a bunch!

Aly says:

This was such a help. I have to sing this for a project in Spanish. It helps to know what it’s about. Thanks

Lusia says:

Gracias! I love this song…

Rosana says:

¡Gracias por su traslación!

Fay says:

Thank you 🙂

Ravi says:


olaola says:

muchas gracias por la traducion!

muchas gracias!

Shannon says:

Thank you! I’m sharing this with my FB group.

alex says:

Thank you so much! I’m currently obsessed with this song but couldn’t find a good translation.

Missing Ms. Ali :( says:

Thanks mucho (:

I took French and Latin in high school. Thanks for the translation.

J says:

I have been singing along and playing guitar to this song for quite some time now, but didn’t really understand wtf I was singing about until I read this today. thanks dude!

Gordo says:

thank you! Perfect.

Oh wow I like that says:

My love where are you

Ben says:


H.A. says:

Thank you so much for having both the english and the spanish translations!

JJ HA says:

whooohoo…. gracias La Mamita….

I am trying to learn spanish.

Thanks for this!

Meshell says:

thanks! im am taking a spanish class, and this defiantly helped.

Megha says:

Muchas gracias

C says:

Muchas gracias! Best translation out there! 🙂

VuLe says:

Thank you very much for the translation 🙂

I’ve worked with a beautiful girl, until a year ago. Now I hear from her, sometimes, when the work permits it. Yesterday I received from her a link to this song (with no comments?), I liked it a lot, but not all the terms/words were clear to me.
Now, thanks to your translation, I know exactly what she feels!

Thanks a lot! You’re the best!

PS: Maybe you’ll save two broken hearts!?

Ydl says:

Gracias! Quería dedicarle esta canción a alguien!

señor Harrison says:

I have to let you know that LaMamita was incorrect! “Sentarse” does NOT mean to feel. “Sentirse” means to feel! Changing “sentar” to “sentarse” does not change it from “to sit” to “to feel”. “Sentar” when you are seating someone else like in a restaurant, whereas “sentarse” means to sit oneself down.

Nick says:

Thank you y gracias

versuri says:

Hello there! This is my first visit to your blog!
We are a team of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same
niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have
done a wonderful job!

Sean Dallas says:

Gracias, es muy bien por mi espanol clase porque nosotros somos escuchar de la musica . . . I speak pretty bad dpanish but im learning still. Thank you

Dianne says:

Thank you very much for this.. Muchas gracias para esto! I am learning Spanish and this is VERY HELPFUL😊

Dianne says:

Muchas gracias por esto!

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