La Mamita

{November 13, 2006}   Beantown Dancing

I went to Boston this past weekend for some rueda dancing.  If you were part of my group, you’d already know that wherever we go, we have a good time.  We’re always the loudest, laughing the most, and probably the most annoying too.  We got to dance some bachata rueda… some real rueda… some salsa… and we got to take incriminating photos of a bunch of people.  Us women were safe though! Whew!  One thing I gotta say is how great my friends are.  This is my first “group” of friends. At least since maybe high school.  No one really gets that mad about being picked on… they laugh easily… they dance great… and we are all in agreement that we are the coolest rueda dancers in the USA.  Seriously. Fine, don’t believe me then but its true. 

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