La Mamita

{November 9, 2006}   Now on to the Sweetney Stuff
  1. Why does she insist on deleting everything?  If she can’t stand behind what she writes, then, why should she have any credibility at all. Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t.  You can go <a href=””>here</a&gt; and read what she wrote.
  2. Sweetney wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini. At least I hope not.  That’s why it bugs her that Kirstie went on Oprah and showed off her delicious body. That’s right. I wrote it. Delicious.   She is thick in a good way and I thought she was beautiful.  But then Sweetney is a white woman, right?  Us white women are told repeatedly that we need to be a size 2 to look good.  Good Luck Sweetney.
  3. All you Sweetney fans – booooooo…. how dare someone who claims to be for the empowering of women bash another woman like this.   

dawn says:

I thought she looked great too. I’d rather have her (so-called) thicker, shapely thighs than my top heavy and unproportioned body. Don’t get me wrong, big boobs are great, but they’d be better if I actually had some legs and an ass to go with them. I’d trade for her bootylicious body anyday.

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