La Mamita

{October 26, 2006}   Back in the Game!

ok. I think I’m back now. I know you’ve missed me, right?  My witty writings. My life-altering observations.  Well my first observation now that I’m back to regular writing is what is it with those families who insist on writing all over their vans/suvs/cars?  I guess I can see it if you’re on the way to a big game or meet. But generally just driving around like that? Stupid.  It seems to be the thing to do for swim teams where I live.  You get to see the name of the team and usually the name of the kid of who’s ever vehicle it is. I could care less if Megan is gonna swim well or make waves or donk-a-donk (my personal favorite).  I mean, donk-a-donk?  I think they were trying to sound hip and quote from a Missy Elliot song but it didn’t work. They look like idiots.  If my daughter or son ever wants that done… too bad so sad.  Not gonna happen.  I’ll wear a t-shirt for them instead.

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