La Mamita

{October 23, 2006}   Giving Up

At least that’s what I feel like doing.  I’ve been so depressed lately.  The competition in Miami didn’t go well.  I’m trying my hardest to let it go but its been hard.  I think about it and I cringe.  The one thing about salsa dancing is that the woman isn’t in control. It doesn’t matter if I remember what comes next or not.  I have to follow. And I had to follow while my partner forgot part of the routine.  I cried. I lost my voice. I’m done.  I wanted to update here but couldn’t even think about it without crying so I had to wait.  I did enter a different contest last Thursday and my friend and I won that.  Hands down.  So that made me feel a little better but I wanted a trophy.  A big one.  And to top it all off…  I found out some things about my partner that have hurt big time and now I don’t think our friendship will continue.  When it rains it pours alright.


Laura says:

Don’t be so hard on yourself! He’s the one who dropped the ball by forgetting his steps.

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