La Mamita

{September 12, 2006}   Halloween Grande

I got my Wonder Woman costume. Get this – its too big.  I so have to get it altered which kinda sucks.  I would do it myself if I could but I can’t.  It needs to be hemmed and taken in so it fits my girls better.  And I’ll need a great strapless pushup bra.  But other than that its hot!  And hot – literally – I’ll sweat a ton in it but I’ll look good and that’s all that matters.


SC says:

So where are the picture of you in full gear swinging around your golden lasso?

Also, funny (to me) Wonder Woman story… when I was at a comic book convention last weekend there was a table with fishbowls full of free buttons that had logos of DC superheroes. There was Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Justice League of America and one or two others.

Me, the boy, and the boy’s mom all grabbed handfuls of each button and socked them away in her purse. When we got home she took one of each button and stuck them in a line on one of the shoulder straps of his school backpack. It looked pretty neat and the boy liked it.

Until he saw the Wonder Woman button. He flipped out about having a girl button on his backpack and made his mom remove it. He wanted no part of any girl. She let him have his way and took it off.

Now that he’s forgotten about it and had the day off school yesterday for election day, I wonder if he’ll notice I put it back on last night and he’s carrying the Wonder Woman button along with all the others around with him today. 😉

lamamita says:

That’s awesome!!! Can I get a Wonder Woman button?? And I’ll post some photos once I get it all taken in!

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