La Mamita

{August 25, 2006}   What a Week…
  • My computer died. Hard drive failure. Everything was up to date (virus, spyware, updates, etc.). 
  • My husband’s computer died.  Before he could use it to fix mine.  Everything was up to date (see above).  Doesn’t look good. 
  • My son was sick with the flu. Not horribly but enough to throw a wrench into trying to fix computers.
  • Had to buy new computer because both of us work at home enough and who knows how long it will be before we can fix ours.

On a side note… this was in a memo I received:  “Building Company is putting bilingual signs in the restroom telling people of items that should not be flushed.”  Why do I find this slightly humorous?  The bathrooms in this particular building get backed up – a LOT.  By a variety of things.  I guess they feel its the cleaning crew doing it since no one in the building speaks Spanish (except for those who are bi-lingual) primarily except the cleaning crew – a great bunch of women who are sweet and do an excellent job.  So now I guess they are “almost” being blamed for the backups.  We all know toilets get backed up by men…..


That is the true definition of a bad week. Here’s hoping some resuscitation of the drives is possible.

Mama says:

Jason – if not – I’ll be calling you. 🙂 Or emailing you.

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