La Mamita

{August 14, 2006}   I almost forgot…

There is a new add for Victoria Secrets with Heidi Klum. I can’t tell one supermodel from the other since they all look gaunt, skinny, and bland, but during the add she says “They call me ‘The Body'”. So I tell my husband – “Wow, Elle is doing VS – strange!”. I don’t know if it is or not really, but, I don’t recall her doing one in the recent past. Anyway, I was wrong. As TvGasm reports (link), Elle is a bit peeved that Heidi called herself ‘The Body’ since that was her name back in the day. Time Magazine (link) ran a story on her and dubbed her that as well. So now Elle wants to sue VS and Heidi and honestly, I don’t blame her. It is quite arrogant of Heidi to come out and say that. If I knew Elle was dubbed ‘The Body’ than it has to be fairly common knowledge. So go Elle! I’m not a fan of Heidi anyway. She can disappear forever and no one would probably even notice.

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