La Mamita

{August 11, 2006}   Just one Little….

squeeze is all I ask… please?  I really hate it when I’m talking to someone and they have a small pimple that is just so ready to pop and all I want to do is lean over, pop it, and move along my day.  I know that’s gross but I just can’t take it.  I’m forever looking for blackheads on my face and removing them and want to do it to the world.  I guess I don’t understand how people can just leave them there…. white… (or black to be fair) and not pop them.  If you can’t do it, call me in!  I’ll do it.


SC says:

Hey, I have a whitehead you can squeeze…

OK. That’s just plain nasty. True, to some extent, but nasty.

lamamita says:

Oh I bet you pop your own, right Jason? Come on… you can admit it.

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