La Mamita

{July 13, 2006}   Disappointment

There is nothing worse, at least to me, than getting your heart set on something… a dream… and then getting ready to have it all come down and crash around you.  It hasn’t yet but I know it will.  I’m feeling it.  Everyone is going to cancel on the trip where I was going to go and compete in a salsa competition.  My dance partner is someone who likes to do what the group is doing. And guess what? If no one else is going, he’ll say “well, let’s just not do it”.  And I will be heart broken.  There is no one else to join the competition with me. Sure, there’s that small chance he’ll say “oh, let’s go and do it anyway” but I’m 90% sure he won’t.  Because I know him so well.  Too well unfortunately.  I’m sad today.


That’s unfortunate. Damn uninspired associates! I would offer my dancing skills, but they are terrible. I am the epitome of “the white guy;” very little rhythm and even less dance steps. Just for that, you should go do something else to pick yourself up.

SC says:

I’ll go. You’ll lose, but you’ll get to watch me make an ass of myself.

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