La Mamita

{June 15, 2006}   What’s My Motivation?

Ever since I have had to change blogs, names, locations, etc., I have lost some of my motivation.  I feel I lost a lot of readers with the move since I couldn't put a "I've changed names" link on my old site thanks to co-workers.  And honestly, I have some great things to write about but you know what? I forget.  I'm walking along thinking "I so gotta write about this" and then when I sit down to write I think "now, what was that???".  Thanks kids!!  I have two blogs actually.  I keep my other one totally focused on salsa dancing and maybe that's the problem. I'm torn. Split identity.  I'm not even a gemini so maybe that's what is causing me issues.  I like my other blog better than this one though so do I give this up completely? No. I don't think so.  People actually love my translation of Fotografia and thank me regularly for it.  Maybe I should integrate more dancing things on this site but I know that the 1-2 people who do read this site don't dance so it wouldn't be interesting to them.  But am I writing for them?  No.  I'm writing for me.  *sigh* 

SC says:

You know what they say… bloggin ain’t easy.

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