La Mamita

{June 9, 2006}   Big K Orientation

We went last night for our daughter's kindegarten orientation – kind of.  We didn't get to see the classrooms – although I guess we could have if it wasn't getting so late.  My daughter got to see the classrooms and ride the school bus which she loved.  She wasn't scared at all and was so excited that she cried when we had to leave.  That gives me hope for her when she starts school.

A few observations:

 – There was not one single DILF in the whole crowd.  Very strange.  My husband commented that the MILFs were on the low-side as well.

 – Our next door neighbor's kid, the people who do their best to go out of their way to ignore us, is starting kindegarten as well.  You can't miss the wife.  She has this red hair with like a blond window's peak thing going on. It is the ugliest hair I've seen in a long time.

 – I'm going to suck at being involved in all the parent stuff.  I didn't talk to one other parent the whole night. 

 – I feel like I'm gonna cry my eyes out the first day of school.  It could be that I'm just PMSing but my eyes were already getting all watery last night.  I'm such a sap!!!

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