La Mamita

{June 5, 2006}   Mishmash

Have you heard the coverage of the girls (link) who's were mixed up after an accident?  It is all strange to me.  I know that some of the people are saying "How could you now know who you were looking at?" and maybe are angry at those who responded to the accident.  I feel for the girl who's still alive.  She has a long road ahead of her.

I've discovered a new juice drink – Fuze. It has mixes like Kiwi Strawberry, Melon/Peach, and right now I'm drinking Banana Colada which I think is my favorite so far.  It is listed as "refresh" and contains calcium, vit A, vit C, vit E, vits B3, B5, B6, and B12.  And it only runs 180 calories for the whole thing (18 oz) which is great for a fruit juice.  Its also not overly-sugary which makes it very refreshing when I'm hungry.

This may qualify as the meanest post (or part of one) I've ever written.  So I apologize if it offends anyone. Well, not really.  While in Disney, I got really really tired of super obese people. I don't mean heavy, a little fat, or even more than a little fat. I mean obese.   And it surprised me how many of them there were.  It truly showed the "epidemic" of our times.  Most of them were riding around on the electric chairs since they couldn't walk.  And often, they would run you over to get to the line and give you a dirty look if you didn't stop, put your hands up to stop everyone around you, and allow them to run over your toes.  It was fairly sad.  Walking around the park would also become difficult at times, because, there might be a sidewalk with room to fit 3-4 people side by side walking… but then they'd walk side by side and you couldn't get by.  And I'd feel guilty pushing my way around the side of them with the stroller.  I have no hate for people who are obese.  Annoyance – yes – when you start acting like you deserve to be in the front of the line or run me over just because you are that way and have no other disability.

I need a serious night of salsa dancing!!!!

Oh – and I hate this template.


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