La Mamita

{May 4, 2006}   More Banks?

What is it with the building of so many banks.  I live in an area where there is constantly new development taking place on a daily basis.  New strip malls (whoohoo – need more of those too, eh?), restaurants, housing developments, etc. The one thing I don't understand is the need for more banks. Who here banks online, raise your hand!  I know we do. I rarely have to go into the bank. Sometimes we need things notarized and so we'll go. Otherwise, I can do everything outside of the bank.  ATMs work great.  More and more people are doing things electronically with banking and so, I just can't figure out why I'm seeing at least 5 banks being built right now in my area.  That is space that could be used for shoe stores or coffee shops. 

And speaking of banks… why all the fees?  Nothing pisses me off more than seeing $6/month go out of my account.  I use a bank that is close to my house and has ATMs available just about anywhere I go in the DC area.  I guess that's what I'm paying for, right?  But $6?  I've tried looking into the no-fee checking accounts but wow do you have to meet a lot of qualifications.

I think I might start using my mattress to hold my money.  Its not like my money is gaining interest in the bank.  I do have an ING Direct account and its great.  4.15% interest right now.  Take that you banks!!!


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