La Mamita

{April 24, 2006}   Blast from the Past

There is nothing like seeing someone, who hurt you badly, for the first time since the hurt occured. This person, who was my best friend for close to two years, decided one day she just didn't want to call me back. There is history there. She had been pregnant but lost her baby. I was pregnant at the same time. Did that play into it? She claimed that wasn't it a few times but who really knows. She was also going to give me a baby shower. It didn't work out since she never put the date I requested on her calendar or whatever. Maybe that was another reason. I don't know. All I know is that my best friend decided one day to never call me again and it hurt. I had my baby. My mom left. I had no one other than my husband. My salsa friends weren't around at that time since I lost touch with most of them. And really – I had no one else.So last night she came in and at first, acted like we were long lost friends. Uh. Whateva. She talked to me for a couple of minutes and then I think, she got the hint. I had already discussed what I would do with a friend of mine and that helped. I was already prepared to ignore her. So I did.

I could just hear her saying things like "oh, look at her with her friends thinking she's so cool" or "she so shouldn't have worn that shirt – its all sweaty and looks bad. (which was true)" or "She sure needs to lose more weight!" or any other number of things. She would talk bad about anyone and everyone. No one was ever safe so I know I wasn't last night. No matter. I'm over it. She can go to that joint anytime she wants and if I'm there, no problem. She'll just be another person in the bar that I don't know and don't care to know.


Shirley says:

You know what: I think a deeper part of you wants to regain this friedship.
Go for it. We all make mistakes, and often we regret them. Give her
the benefit of the doubt and try to regain what you once had. Won’t
hurt to try…You will feel better by having made the effort, I believe.

I wish you every blessing.


lamamita says:

Actually – I don’t. I’m over it. Seriously Shirley although I really appreciate what you’re saying. She has a lot of very bad qualities and I don’t need those in my life. I put up with them before because I had no one else. But now I have some great friends and I’m not willing to give them up for her (which I would since they had seen her bad qualities long before I did).

dawn says:

Screw her. That’s what I say. What makes her so perfect that she can sit and talk smack about everybody else? Some friend. I don’t think you’re missing much where she is concerned. Way to go dude. You did the right thing by ignoring her. (And I just had to call you dude, cause I know there are certain male readers that just hate it when one hot babe calls another hot babe “dude.” heh.)

The Aitch says:

You are fine without her. I have to learn to let people go too. It;s hard but I’m gonna do it.

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