La Mamita

{April 10, 2006}   Hey Nicole – Home Depot Called – They Want their Broomsticks Back

Ick!!All I can say is "ew".  Who finds this attractive? Anyone? Remember when everyone thought she was fat? She wasn't. She was normal.  And, in my opinion, looked hot back then. Now she just looks sick and gross and icky.  And this isn't me writing against skinny girls. This is more than skinny.  Although I'm not fond of or find skinny girls attractive, I don't hate them.  I guess I've grown happy with my curves and just prefer to see more people with curves. 

Seriously – Nicole makes Paris look healthy.  And that's a stretch.  I'm seriously not hating on Nicole.  She obviously felt pressure from the 'media' and everyone calling her fat.  She probably watched herself on that stupid Real Life show and thought she looked huge next to Paris.  And then went on some sort of crash diet.  There was a time when she had lost just a few pounds – maybe 10 or so – and she still looked healthy and hot. 

And yes, us women blame you men for this. Honestly, where I grew up, this photo would be considered the standard that women would need to conform to.  Thankfully, the men in my life these days are quite happy with curvy women and actually prefer that.  Even The Cheese prefers it!!!

I never thought of Nicole Ritchie as attractive, but the problem was she compared herself and competed with the “walking stick” that is the Hilton sisters. Thus, her overwhelming need to not eat–or binge and purge as the case may be.

Someone just needs to stuff a couple of pizzas or Big Macs into her.

lamamita says:

Def Big Macs!!!

SC says:

Ha.. yes, The Cheese definitely likes his women to not have bodies like his 6 year-old son. And I always thought Nicole Richie was hotter than Paris Hilton when they first hit the since, although I don’t think that’s saying much. Now, yuck to both.

The Aitch says:

Yeah, she’s waaay beyond looking thin and cute. She looked good in The Simple life Interns, when she first started losing some weight. Now, she’s grody.

dawn says:

Yeah yeah. And where are her boobies? (I left a post on Aitch’s blog today about boobies being too fake and too big. In this case, they’re more like mosquito bites than boobies.) Poor girl. She looks horrible.

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