La Mamita

{March 27, 2006}   Immigration Laws…. *cough cough*

In case you're not following the issues in Washington where immigration is concerned, go ahead and read the the proposal that's in the Senate right now. I know, its a lot of reading. Heaven forbid we, the people, actually read something that is being proposed instead of relying on the media to interpret it for us.Sec. 202 is the part that concerns me the most. Why? Because more or less, it says that if you are with someone who is illegal, you're guilty recklessly disregarding the laws of the United States and can have charges brought against you. I will not admit here, in a public area, whether or not I know people who are illegal or not. However, hypothetically speaking, if I did, what if I want to give one of them a ride out salsa dancing and I'm pulled over for speeding? So if they look 'Latino' or 'Hispanic', they are going to be asked for their papers? Isn't that just a little bit like racial profiling? If they see my license, are they going to be suspicious of me? What if my husband is with me? Because he looks white I guess he gets a pass, right? Believe it or not, people from many places in the world are here illegally. Because some of them look more "american" than others, they won't have issues, right?

Could I be misreading section 202? Maybe. But I'm not the only one who reads it that way. A friend and I were discussing it this morning which is why I wanted to go out and find the source. I inferred the same thing after reading that section. Got another take on it? Let me know.

Overall, the new laws may tighten borders but may also raise prices for various things. Lawn work. Manicures (yes – really). Construction.  Painting. You know – the work that none of you want to do because it doesn't pay enough?  So if it paid enough, guess what?  We'd all pay more for those services.  Are you willing to either take the job of laying mulch, mowing lawns, painting a living room, etc., for $15/hr or willing to pay more?  I bet many answers are still 'No!'.  Because we think we're better than that.  Heck, if I could get paid $20/hr to paint all day, 8 hrs a day, I'd probably take it.  Just think how much it would cost to paint your house at that price though?  You'd be at the day laborer site just like everyone else at that point.


brian says:

hey, i would not read that provision as broad as you have. subsection(d)of section 202, the section i think to which i think you refer, in my view aims to criminalize the transport of illegal immigrants in the united states where the transport in and of itself furthers illegal immigration. an example would be a person who picks up a group of illegals in arizone to carry them to chicago.

but, you make a good point. normally, statutes have a definition section in the beginning, defining what words like “transport” mean. i looked for the definition of “transport” in the statute, and didn’t see it. many judicial opinions, including supreme court opinions, have dealt with the interpretation of an ambiguous term. the purpose of the act, and specifically that section, is to curb the transport of illegal immigrants — many unfortunate illegals have died in trains and trucks being transported within the united states. i think that is the proper interpretation of the section, not to criminalize giving an illegal immigrant a ride from her house to a store.

but, the way this country is going, who knows…

lamamita says:

Brian… I realize it may be a bit broad. A friend and I were discussing it one day over coffee and he had interpreted it the same way. I agree with the transporting portion in reference to trains/trucks/cargo holds/boats. I really do hope, though, that it doesn’t start getting applied to going to the store. However, because, as you said, it isn’t defined, what if we’re stopped at some point and an overzealous cop decides to check….

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