La Mamita

{March 20, 2006}   Dancing Weekend Update

This past weekend was pretty awesome. Not only did I get to dance a ton (although I don’t think I dropped the 3-4 lbs I was hoping for but oh well) but I go to hang out with my friends a lot. The coming-together of the 4 big area rueda groups was fairly monumental.  There can be a lot of competition between the groups for lessons, students, performances, etc. Rueda is a very social dance yet people tend to act very unsociably at times.  But Saturday night saw 100+ people together, dancing, without worrying about who dances with what group.  The performances were great. Everyone did a wonderful job. Overall, it was just a lot of fun.  I hope that we organize something similar for the near future because I think it would help grow rueda/casino dancing in the Wash DC area.


  • SAOCO members are hot. As a whole. The group, performers and those just hanging out and taking lessons – very good looking group!!
  • Aramis is such a beautiful man! (if you don’t know who that is, its ok).
  • The Alliance Dance Studio is gorgeous and I hope they’ll have us back!
  • Some people really think they are awesome dancers but all they do is throw you around and its annoying, hurts, and makes me not ever want to dance with you again!
  • I created a sign for the event and it was awesome. I was very proud of it!!
  • I can almost dance normal in my 3 inch heels!!


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