La Mamita

{March 10, 2006}   That is some Potent Stuff!

Over my lifetime I have attempted to stop biting my nails numerous times.  I have had the habit since I was little so needless to say, it isn’t easy.  When I was pregnant, both times, my nails grew due to the prenatal vitamins and I basically stopped but it never lasted because when I’m tired and stressed out, I’m the worst. 

So one day as I’m checking out FreeCycle I see someone is giving away a bottle of ‘Bite it’.  It is the stuff you put on your nails that both helps keep them strong AND tastes bitter.  More than bitter.  Just awful.  I tried this in high school but it never really took.  I figured I should give it another try.  It has worked. My nails are growing and my fingers definitely look better.  However, that stuff does NOT come off.  It kind of permiates through the nail onto the skin.  And if I accidentally get my fingers near my mouth, ick.  I then have it on my lips. Or because I’m such an orally fixated person, I have pens in my mouth (only my own) and because I may have touched the pen on my finger tips, the pen tastes like that.  So not only am I breaking my finger/nail biting habit, I am also working on the pen habit as well.  Almost like a double whammy.  I attempted to take the stuff off with nail polish remover last night and it seemed to work a little bit but its still there.

So its working. I’m tired of it but it works. And I guess that’s the point. So one day you may see me with an actual manicure – something I haven’t had since my wedding.

The Aitch says:

I am a nailbiter just like you. Same reasons and when I was pg they were nice and long and I just didn’t have the urge to bit them then. When and if I do try and grow them out they only get so long until the split and peel. yuck…

My mom made me try that nailbiter stuff when I was a kid and I would just eat right rhough it. I should try it again though.

LaMamita says:

You should try it again. I ate right through it as well when I was little but now – ick… my nails have actually grown!!!

dawn says:

My God, like you and Aitch, I’m a biter too. Not only do I rip at the nails, but if I don’t have any nails to bite, I’ll just go for the cuticle. heh. I’m going to try it too. The stuff. Maybe all three of us will have long, sexy nails by summer. I remember my mom trying all kinds of anti nail biting remedies on me as a child, and nothing stopped me either.

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