La Mamita

{March 9, 2006}   American Idol Heating Up!

Anyone who knows me (which is no one really reading this) knows I’m a huge American Idol fan. I didn’t watch the first season although sometimes I wish I would have since I truly enjoy Kelly Clarkson’s music these days. This season is interesting. The men are far stronger than the women although both have strong contendars. My favorite men are Ace and Chris. They are each very different in how they sing and look but both are very talented. In many forums, Ace is not loved. Poor thing. Chris is probably the best all-around guy. He sings well, looks good, and appeals to a broad audience which could help him win.

I don’t care for the women quite as much. Some of the girls are very talented – like Lisa and Katharine but they don’t do much for me. I can’t see following their careers. But I thought that about Kelly too… so what do I know? I will be happy to get down to like the final 6 though. That’s when it gets really fun. All the preliminary stuff is good, but, getting to the finals is what makes the show.  


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