La Mamita

{March 6, 2006}   Calle Ocho – DC Style

On March 18th, I’ll be participating in the first Rueda-Casino Fest in Washington DC.  Calle Ocho is an event that happens in Miami every year and it is just HUGE.  I have never been unfortunately. 

On the 18th, rueda groups from DC (almost all of them) will come together for the first time to celebrate the style of dance that we love so much.  There will be performances from five different groups.  You might be wondering, “What the heck is rueda or casino??”.  Well, it is cuban-style salsa dancing.  Rueda means that you do it in a circle with someone who is the ‘caller’.  Think of square dancing and set it to salsa music with great movies and style.  Usually, you dance it to Timba ( (Cuban salsa). 

If you have ever wanted to take a salsa class or see what this circle dancing is all about, I would suggest coming out on the 18th.  You can drop me a comment if you want more information.



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